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 Bedding/Potting Mix
Intended for Organic use

Produced For:

CFS Specialties, Inc





Fill flats, pots or intended
growing containers with
moistened mix and plant 
seeds, plants, & cuttings.

Product is non-sterilized

Product is blended for soil blocks.

This complete mix
contains sufficient nutrients
for optimal growth to start plants.

Calcium Carbonate added to neutralize PH.

  **Products on this page are not certified organic, but can be approved for organic use**

Current Pricing - $461.74 per 2 yd tote (900 lbs), $346.31 per 1.5 yd tote (675 lbs), or $12.35 per 32 qt bag.

Order by Phone, Fax or E-mail

Phone: 1-800-822-6671  Fax: 1-608-654-5696 


E-mail: organic@cfspecial.com

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