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Multi-Level Systems

Intelligently structured system for high egg production

The NATURA multi-level system by Big Dutchman is characterized by its consistently structured design. This is an important prerequisite for high egg production and animal-friendly housing. To give hens an ideal start with the NATURA multi-level system, they should be reared in a system with a similar structure. Only then, a smooth transition (16 to 18) from rearing to laying with only a short training period is possible. In order to keep the percentage of mislaid eggs as low as possible, it is extremely important to observe the instructions for correct management. This include the implementation of special feeding and lighting programs with the corresponding house illumination and special dimming sequence, the correct litter material or setting of fixed times for the access to the winter gardens and/or the free-range area.

Special approach perch

(patent no. 299 19 443.4)

ensures that the hens

sit facing the aisle –

less manure drops into the litter

Group laying nest

Colony 2+ offers suffi-

cient egg laying room

to the hens

Nest and system are

arranged in a way that

allows the hens to

easily reach the nest –

less mislaid eggs

Eggs that are mislaid on

the slats roll under the

approach perch via the

slightly tilted plastic slats

- there they stay clean

and can easily be collected

manure belt underneath

every level – hens

rarely get in contact with

their droppings, very

hygienic conditions

uniform illumination of all

level – minimum amount

of mislaid eggs on the slats

nipple drinkers placed close

to the nest additionally

increase acceptance of the

nest – less mislaid eggs

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