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Organic Fertilizer Blends  03/06/23 10:13:25 AM

Organic Fertilizer Blends
Soil test required for micro nutrient use
Approved For Organic production, please check with your certifier prior to using.
Corn Starter Blends  
Natural  CPM Pellets  
Natural  Crumbles  
 Soil Test required for Micro nutrient use
2-3-7 Organic Corn Starter w/ Trace Elements
2-2-16 Corn Blend   
2-2-16 Corn Blend w/ Trace Elements
Soybean Blends  
0-1-15 Soybean Starter w/ Trace Elements
2-2-25 Soybean Starter w/ Trace Elements
Hay Blends  
0-2-25  Hay Blend w/ Sulfur and Boron
2-2-24  Special Hay Blend w/ Sulfur and Boron
2-2-30  Hay Blend  
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