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Make CFS your supplier for all of your 
Organic farm needs and supplies. 



•Complete Rations
•Custom Mineral Mixes
•Poultry Health Products
•Custom Formulation Available
•Bag or Bulk Delivery
•Organic Shell Corn
•Organic Wheat, Oats, & Barley
•Organic Expelled Soybeans
•Organic Alflafa Meal
•Organic Flax Meal and Flaxseed






Protein Levels
The protein level is an approximation based on the pro-rated level of the ingredient
products on as fed (calculated including the moisture in the grain). The actual protein
level may vary slightly from one batch to another. The major source of protein is
soybean meal with supplemental protein from alfalfa meal, flax meal, peas, wheat and
other oil seeds.


  All products are made from only certified organic grains and organically acceptable  
  mineral and vitamin inputs. The grains are rolled individually to ensure the proper 
  texture for the animal and then mixed. We use mostly whole grains except for
  dehydrated alfalfa pellets. There are not medications, preservatives or animal 
  products of any kind. 

  This is the current list of common mineral supplements. 
  The actual use varies from product to product

•Mineral premixes including 
 trace minerals and vitamins       
•Broiler Premix
•Layer Premix
•Layer Premix w kelp
•Copper oxide
•Dairy VIT A,D,E
•Free Flow Calcium
•Egg Builder Poultry Calcium
•Mag Ox


•Manganese Oxide            
•Sea Kelp
•Potassium (Dynamate)
•Redmond Salt
•Redmond Conditioner
•Vit A
•Vit D
•Vit E PRE.20,000 IU/#
•Zinc Oxide


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