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Ingredients for Organic Production  03/01/22 2:04:07 PM

Organic Fertilizer Ingredients

Soil test required for micro nutrient use
Products intended for organic production, please check with your certifier prior to use.

Composted Poultry Manure 
Natural  CPM Pellets  
CPM Crumbles  
Sulfate of Potash (0-0-50-18S
K-Mag  (0-0-22-22S-11Mg)
Intrepid 0-0-60 Potassium Chloride
Cal Phos (Soft Rock Phosphate)
Ida Phos  (Hard Rock Phosphate)
Gypsum (SO4 Supercal) 0-0-0-23Ca17S    
Humates per 50lbs
Trace Minerals    
Sulfur Disengrating 90%
Boron (Gran-u-bor) 15%
Zinc   35.5% - 17%S  
Copper 25.5%  
Manganese 32%Mn - 19%S
Iron 50%Fe  
Magnesium  36%Mn -6%S (Epsom Salt)
Corn or Soy T.M. Pak  
20%Zn - 4% Mn - 9%S - 1%Cu - 1%B
 Soil Test required for Micro nutrient use
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