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Natural Fertilizer Blends & Ingredients  02/15/18 12:21:00 PM

Natural Fertilizer Blends & Ingredients
***Can Not be Approved For Organic Use***
10-10-17-8S Corn Starter
10-0-20-9S  Corn Starter
10-9-10-13S Corn Starter With SOP and Trace's
12-0-12-12S-5Ca  Low Phos Fertilizer
10-10-10-6S- 5Ca  All Purpose Fertilizer 
9-5-12-8S-7Ca  Oat Starter
1-2-40-3S-6Ca Hay Blend w/ Sulfur - Boron - Trace's
8-4-20-8S-5Ca  Hay Booster w/ Calcium Sulfate Base
5-7-36-6S w/Boron  - Premium Hay Fertilizer
Conventional Blend  
9-23-30 Conventional Corn Starter
13-23-18- 4S Corn Starter

***Can Not be Approved for Organic Use***

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