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Lawn and Garden Fertilizer and Potting Soil  05/22/24 2:06:23 PM

Bagged Fertilizer and Potting Soil


CPM 4-3-2 crumbles /40 lb bag
CPM Pellets 4-3-2 /40 lb bag
Sulfate of Potash  0-0-50-18
Intrepid White Potash 0-0-60
Cal Phos  (Soft Rock Phosphate)
Ida Phos (Hard Rock Phosphate)
2-3-7 w/Traces  50 lb bag
10-10-10 -6s -5ca  All Purpose Conventional Fertilizer
Gypsum / Calcium Sulfate /50 lb bag
Potting Soil Blend  - 32 quart
Potting Soil 2 Yard Tote
Diat. Earth Shell Flour /bagged
Peat Moss /3.8 cf  
Perlite  /4 cf  
Vermiculite  / 4 cf  
Corn Gluten Meal/40 lb bag
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