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Organic Annual Ryegrass*
Rapid establishment        
High yielding          
Excellent choice for quick coverage in thin hay stands, new pasture seedings, and cover cropping
Can be used as a nurse crop for alfalfa      
Seed 30-35 lb/acre alone; 4-5 lb/acre as a cover crop with alfalfa
Organic Denergo Italian Ryegrass     
Top yielding variety in the seeding year      
High resistance to diseases like rust & fusarium    
Very good winter hardiness & persistence    
Excellent standability        
Very palatable forage        
Organic Smooth Brome        
Sod-forming grass with excellent persistence    
Very high quality, excellent choice as a long-term hay companion
Very good production in early spring      
Slower to establish and slower growth in the summer months  
Best adapted to heavier silt-loam or clay-loam soils    
Seed 15-20 lbs/acre alone; 4-12 lbs/acre in mixtures  
Organic Luxor Orchardgrass      
Late Maturity & High Yielding        
Very late maturity giving you a wider harvest window  
Very good forage yields across the entire season    
Excellent winter hardiness and persistence    
Good disease tolerance        
Organic Calibra Perennial Ryegrass    
Improved tetraploid variety        
Very fast establishment and high yielding    
Best adapted to heavy, moisture holding soils    
Upright growth habit well suited for haying or grazing  
Later maturing than unimproved varieties    
Excellent disease resistance and winter-hardiness    
Seed 6-12 lbs/acre in a mix or 25-35 lbs/acre straight  
Organic Perun Festulolium      
Meadow Fescue crossed with Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass  
Fast establishment, excellent 1st-cut yields    
Good early spring growth        
Best suited to medium-heavy soils      
Best fit for renovating existing pastures, establishing quick growth 
  in new pastures, or as companion grass for alfalfa and clover hay
Seed 25 lb/acre alone; 5-15 lb/acre in mixtures    
Organic SW Minto Meadow Fescue    
Late-heading variety        
Wide cut or graze window        
Good yield and persistence        
Organic Climax Timothy      
High-quality, high-sugar grass well suited for hay or pasture  
Best production on heavy soils      
Best use as alfalfa or red clover companion    
Seed 8 lb/acre alone; 1-3 lb/acre in mixtures    
Organic Nighthawk 6 BMR Sorghum Sudangrass  
Has both BMR-6 gene and brachytic dwarfing gene    
Improved standability and harvest      
More leaves and higher sugar content      
Excellent regrowth potential, even under heat and drought stress
Excellent digestibility, with above average milk/ton  
To avoid prussic acid poisoning, allow young plants to grow taller than
  24 inches before pasturing.  Avoid pasturing for 10 days after frost.
Organic Hairy Vetch*        
Fast-growing winter annual        
Great fall-planted green manure crop      
Plant with a nurse crop to ensure winter survival (oats, winter rye, etc.)
Reaches full bloom in early June      
Good hardiness, MN production      
Seed 20-30 lbs/acre          
Organic Buckwheat*        
Broadleaved summer annual most often used as a green manure crop
Fast establishment, thrives in poor soils      
An excellent weed suppressor and soil builder    
Can produce 2-3 tons of dry matter in 6-8 weeks    
Grain matures in 10-12 weeks and can yield 800-1,500 lbs/acre  
Not frost tolerant          
Seed 75-100 lbs/acre after last frost date      
Economical oilseed radish for cover cropping    
Field testing has shown no difference between this radish & other named radish brands
Good taproot development and rapid growth    
Excellent nutrient scavenger        
Will winterkill in the upper-Midwest      
Very competitive with weeds        
Plant 6-10 weeks before a killing frost in the fall    
Excellent fit after small grains, silage corn, early soybeans or vegetables
Seed 6-10 lbs/acre          
Organic Plowdown Blend CC9      
Well adapted to varying soil types      
25% Hardy Alfalfa, 25% Medium Red Clover, 25% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover, 25% Alsike Clover
Seed 12-15 lbs/acre          
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