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Certified Organic  
Organic Hardy    
Economical Choice--Great Persistence
A very winterhardy alfalfa variety (WSI 2.2)
Good for short haying rotations on heavy soils or long rotations on drier ground
Good inexpensive plowdown option
Limited disease resistance, avoid wet ground
Inoculated with Prevail (OMRI-approved)
Organic Viking 340M  
High Leaf-to-Stem Ratio  
High quality, FD3, multi-leaf alfalfa
Good all-around disease resistance
Very good yields, quick recovery in a 3-cut system
Good choice for all classes of livestock
Coated with Apex Green Hydroloc (OMRI-approved)
Organic Viking 3800  
Consistent and Versatile  
Very high-yielding alfalfa (FD=4) with fast recovery
Excellent quality, well-suited for dairy or beef cows
Excellent disease resistance (29/30 DRI)
Deep crown set; can withstand mild to moderate wheel & hoof traffic
Medium resistance to potato leafhopper
Best suited for 3- or 4-cut systems
Coated with Apex Green Hydroloc
Viking 392AP Brand (non-GMO Conventional)      
Aphanomyces 2 Resistance      
Maximize your yield, quality and survival from the toughest ground to your most productive
Top-yielding 4-cut variety with excellent forage quality, great choice for dairy or beef hay
Resistance to Race 2 and 3 Aphanomyces root rots for your wetter ground
Branch rooted trait for more lateral roots and better performance on wet soils
Sunken crowns means less damage from wheel or hoof traffic
A “perfect” Disease Resistance Index of 30/30  
Coated with Apex Green Hydroloc (OMRI-approved)
Organic Medium Red Clover*
Hay, Pasture, Plowdown, Silage
VNS multi-cut red clover
Better than alfalfa on wet or acidic soils
Very fast establishment
Excellent choice for forage production or plowdown/green manure crop
Seed 12 lbs/acre alone or 3 lbs/acre in a mix
Organic Yellow Blossom Clover*
Excellent for Plowdown in Drier Soils
Very productive, biennial clover for plowdown
Can produce 80 to 200 lbs/nitrogen/acre
Good scavenger of P, K, and other nutrients
Seed 10 lbs alone/3 lbs in mixtures
Organic Alsike Clover*
Excellent Plowdown/Forage in Heavier Soils
Very productive and fast establishing
Great fit for wet soils
Handles low pH soils (down to 5.0)
Seed 10 lbs alone / 3 lbs in mixtures
Organic Mammoth Red Clover (Single-Cut)
Tall, single-cut red clover, will not re-grow above the height of the first cutting of the year
                       (even if that cutting takes place incidentally at small grain harvest)
Rapid establishment and good biomass production
Can fix up to 120 lbs/N/acre
Avoid cutting to achieve maximum biomass 
Excellent choice for frost seeding into winter grains or underseeded with spring small grains
Seed 10-12 lbs/acre
White Dutch Clover              
Low growing, spreading perennial clover            
Most often used as a 'living mulch' cover crop in vegetable operations or orchards    
Shallow rooted and short statured            
Tolerant of shade & field traffic            
Not overly competitive with weeds            
Excellent choice for irrigated, high value cropping systems        
Avoid droughty or sandy soils              
Seed 6-8 lbs/acre straight ; 1-3 lbs/acre in a mix          
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