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Multi-Level Systems

For layers in floor and free-range management

NATURA Multi-level systems for layers – flexible, efficient and profitable

NATURA- a well-established concept that stands not only for an animal-friendly housing system, but also implies:

· Optimum stocking densities

· High laying performance

· Very good hygienic conditions

· A significantly low number of mislaid eggs

· Flexible modular system – suitable for every building, as well as large or small flocks

· Justifiable monitoring effort

1. Animal-friendly housing system

When a housing system for floor or free-range management is asked for, Big Dutchmen does not offer its customers individual components, but rather a sophisticated housing concept!

2. Optimum stocking densities

Due to its modular design, it is possible to adapt every system to the respective in-house conditions. It goes without saying that the requirements of the EU directive are complied with. Our systems can be delivered as a single or multi-level version – usable area on different levels increases the utilization of housing space. Furthermore, the house floor can be used 100% as scratch area. Multi-level systems require a certain building height to make sure that fresh air can enter the house and is distributed evenly in the animal area.

3. High laying performance at a justifiable monitoring effort

Our NATURA-system is designed so that hens feel comfortable, receive sufficient feed and water and have enough room at their disposal to avoid situations of stress – high laying performance. The optimum arrangement of nest and system leads to a high acceptance of the nest amount hens – small share of mislaid eggs, less work

4. Hygienic housing conditions

We place great importance on in-house hygiene in the development of our systems. For this reason, among other things, the utilization of manure belts with and without ventilation is essential. Manure belts allow the largest possible amount of dropping to be transported out of the house without too much work. The additional ventilation further reduces the concentration of ammonia in the house air. Besides plastic slats, wire mesh can also be used as flooring on the different levels. It is very hygienic and guarantees optimum manure penetration.

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