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85 day C.R.M.
Bred for stress tolerance and adaptability
Excellent grain yield.  Tall plant can work for silage
88 day C.R.M.
Strong emergence and early season growth.
Excellent yield potential at medium to high population.
91 day C.R.M
Excellent yielding 91 day corn
Widely adapted across the northern corn belt
Excellent drought tolerance; likes heat
91 day C.R.M.
Very good yields over varying populations
Healthy medium tall plant with silage potential
very good drought stress tolerance, suited for all soil types
95 day C.R.M.
Good dual purpose 95 day corn.
95 day C.R.M.
Best 95 day grain variety
101 day CRM
Excellent choice for grain or silage
Bred for performance under organic farming conditions
Tall, healthy plant with very good emergence





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