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    Organic Viking Seed Corn              
ORV8891 $235.00   ORGANIC VIKING 88-91UP          
    91 DAY C.R.M.            
    Highest yielding organic grain hybrid available in this maturity    
    Highest non-GMO purity available in organic seed corn    
    Widely adapted across the northern Corn Belt      
                    Excellent drought-stress tolerance with great western adaptation  
    Very good stalk and root strength        
    Medium height plant          
ORV3192 $215.00   ORGANIC VIKING 31-92P          
    92 DAY C.R.M.            
    Excellent emergence and early growth to get ahead of the weeds  
    Very tall plant type with early canopy closure, excellent dual-purpose potential for grain or silage
    Excellent tonnage and quality as silage        
    Early-flowering hybrid with good test weight grain      
    Slower drydown for a 92-day          
    Semi-flex ear suitable for medium to high populations on good soils  
    Moves south well as an early hybrid        
ORV2495 $215.00   ORGANIC VIKING 24-95P          
    95 DAY C.R.M.            
    Very good yield potential          
    Moderate-height hybrid          
    Very good staygreen and plant health        
    Early flowering but later maturing (flowers like an 87-day but matures like a 95-day)
    Good drought stress tolerance          
    Very good stalk strength          
    Good grain quality            
    Suitable for varied soil types; avoid compacted clay soils    
ORV8495 $235.00   ORGANIC VIKING 84-95UP          
    95 DAY C.R.M.            
    Simply the best all-around 95-day organic grain hybrid we have ever sold  
    Highest non-GMO purity available in organic seed corn    
    Plot winning yields from MN to MI        
    Medium-height hybrid with very good stalk and root strength    
    Good overall plant health and very good test weight    
    Very good drought stress tolerance        
    Widely adapted in 95-day corn country across the US    
    Best yield performance at medium to high populations    
    On Grain Millers' list of accepted hybrids for milling    





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