Blue River Corn  09/28/18 9:44:25 AM

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ORG 08B55        
78 DAYS CRM        
Very good yield potential across a wide range of soil types
Good grain or silage option      
Excellent late season integrity and stay green  
ORG 23A71        
86 DAYS CRM        
Responds to higher fertility      
Proven performer that is widely adapted    
Very good seedling vigor      
Excellent ear flex        
ORG 27B16        
88 DAYS CRM        
Above average plant height with racehorse yield potential
Girthy flex ears and excellent test weight  
Best performance at higher populations and increased fertility
Great choice for grain or silage      
ORG 27B50        
88 DAYS CRM        
Medium stature plants with excellent yield potential
Well suited to all soil types      
Wide leaves for excellent canopy    
ORG 34C17        
93 DAYS CRM        
Excellent emergence and early growth    
Very good ear flex        
Moves east to west well across all soil types  
Maintains performance, even in unfavorable conditions.
ORG 34M70        
94 DAYS CRM        
Winning combination of yield potential and agronomics
Very good plant health and fall appearance  
Compact plant type with excellent fall integrity  
Very good drought and heat tolerance    
ORG 43L96 Leafy floury silage    
98 DAYS CRM        
Very tall white cob hybrid with more leaves above the ear
Flexible more digestible stalks (less lignin)  
Softer grain texture improves digestibility  
Final population of 28,000 plants per acre is recommended
ORG 48G35        
102 DAYS CRM        
Excellent yield potential      
Consistently high performer across many environments
Strong agronomics and disease package    
Best performance at medium-high populations  
ORG 49K70        
103 DAYS CRM        
Very good yield potential      
Plants have dense foliage and maintain excellent canopy closure
Slower dry-down, keep in maturity zone for best performance
ORG 51T59        
103 DAYS CRM        
Exceptional yield potential      
Plants have very good intactness    
Can move south of its zone      
One of the highest yielding hybrids in its maturity group
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