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Viking Organic Soybeans            
Group 1.2                  
Bushy, Early-Season Feed Bean, Good Defense          
New level of yield for early soybean variety          
Very high-yield potential              
Excellent defense characteristics; Rsp1k gene for phytopthora, PI88788 gene for soybean cyst nematode resistance
Above-average protein, dark hilum feed-grade soybean        
Good standing and bushy soybean competitive with weeds        
Group 1.5                  
Widen Your Marketing Options While Keeping Your Yields        
Strong yield profile with suitable dual-purpose marketability        
Above-average seed protein (better than Sheyenne and P.91M10)      
Excellent emergence and standability            
Cyst resistant and highly resistant to phythophthora        
Keep off of high pH soils              
Group 1.7                  
Cyst-Resistant, Very High Yields            
Excellent on-farm yield results year after year          
Widely adapted, excellent emergence            
Cyst-resistant soybean with good all-around defense (PI88788)      
Very good yield potential, consistently high yields          
Average protein, dark hilum feed-grade soybean          
Very good field tolerance to Phytophthora, MR to BSR, and MT to white mold    
Medium-tall, bushy plant suitable for wide rows          
Group 1.9                  
Aphid Resistant, Consistent Yield Performance          
Rag1 aphid tolerant genetics provide excellent yield protection for organic growers  
Medium-tall, medium-bush plant type            
Very attractive in-field              
Has historically done well in the northern portion of Iowa and into Minnesota    
Good field tolerance to Phytophthora             
Avoid fields with a history of BSR            
Group 2.2                  
Consistent Customer Favorite. Field-Proven Genetics for Organic Farms      
Our all-time, best selling organic soybean. Growers love this bean.      
Medium-tall, bushy plant type with very good lodging resistance      
Excellent emergence and very strong Phytophthora field tolerance      
Excellent white mold tolerance, some tolerance to SDS        
Consistent, high yields              
Blue River Organic Soybeans            
ORG 12A2                
Group 1.2                  
Yields 8-10% above location averages            
Very good emergence and excellent standability          
Very good tolerance to PRR and BSR            
Consistent yield leader over multiple years          
ORG 15C6                
Group 1.5                  
Cyst Resistant                
Excellent yield potential              
Medium plant height with very good standability          
Widely adapted                
Has elevated protein              
Group 1.7                  
Cyst Resistant                
Excellent yield potential              
Very good tolerance to white mold, PRR, BSR, and IDC        
Above average stress tolerance and standability          
Excellent performer from NY to MN            
Group 1.9                  
Aphid resistant                
Excellent stress tolerance              
Very good yield potential              
Dark hilum variety                
Strong performance in early growth and canopy           
  all the way through standability            




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